Gulf News: "The T-ATV1200 from SAND-X MOTORS is safe - safer than any other offroad vehicle.... As strange as this will sound, the T-ATV1200 not only out-performs quads it is also safer by miles."

The point of gravity is exceptionally low and the Kevlar/rubber made track provides optimum grip for precise power and speed control.

The risk of roll-over or directional instability is reduced to a minimum, even when the T-ATV 1200 is operated with maximum payload. The T-ATV1200 does NOT need any ground clearance and therefore has basically no difficulties to overcome any obstacles with the track being nearly “unstuckable”.   

The T-ATV 1200 can cruise on a straight and direct path to reach the destination, even so called black spots, where as known cars, ATV’s, SUVs etc. will have to circumnavigate many obstacles.